Purchasing Department

The City of Pascagoula Purchasing Department is responsible for the establishment and administration of a centralized purchasing system that assists city departments in procurement of requested equipment, parts, supplies, and services in conformance with State purchasing laws and city policies.

We ensure the efficient and economical expenditures of the taxpayers’ dollars through an open and competitive procurement process. The Purchasing Department follows fair and ethical purchasing practices as mandated by the Mississippi Code.

Bid & Procurement Information

Solicitation Process for Procurements

  • Up to $50,000–request for quotes are solicited by telephone, email, or fax
  • Over $50,000–formal bidding is required, and requirements are advertised twice in the Sun Herald

Bidding Process by Dollar Value per Mississippi Code

  • $0-$5,000–quotes requested but not required
  • $5,000-$50,000–formal written requests required (competitive)
  • $50,000 and above–bid process including public advertising twice in the Sun Herald