Pascagoula Mayor's Youth Council


The Pascagoula Mayor’s Youth Council (PMYC) provides a forum for youth to become engaged in our community. Members of the group learn the inner workings of municipal government while developing an appreciation for civic engagement.

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We are looking for our next class of PMYC members! Our members are 10th, 11th, or 12th grade students who attend Pascagoula High School or Resurrection High School. Apply here
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2019-20 PMYC Members:

  • Jameson Cook
  • Laura Grace Fondren
  • Lauren Hand
  • Austin Harbin
  • Adam Herrington
  • Jadelynn Rudolph
  • David Sanabria
  • Abby Brandentein
  • Caroline Floyd
  • Carmyn Miller
  • Will Mitchell
  • Janiel Montalvo
  • Grant Wells
  • Landon Wiggins
  • Nadia Corder
  • Carolyn Facio
  • Jackelyn Facio
  • Markel Williams