Pitch In Pascagoula

The City of Pascagoula is excited to launch an anti-litter campaign to raise awareness of the effects of littering on the community and to enlist citizen support in keeping Mississippi’s Flagship City clean.

“The reality is that to be effective all citizens must ‘pitch in’ and help keep Pascagoula litter free by properly disposing of their own trash and by helping pick up the litter they pass as they go about their day, even if it’s not their own,” Mayor Dane Maxwell said.

“The image of our City is important,” Mayor Maxwell added.  “When potential investors or residents come to Pascagoula to consider making this their home, we want them to see a City whose citizens take pride in this community and who take ownership of it through their active participation in keeping Pascagoula beautiful. “

“As part of the campaign, City Departments will adopt an area around their facility and routinely work to ‘keep our own house in order,’” Mayor Maxwell noted.   The City will more actively and with greater diligence, remove any graffiti, repair or remove broken items, improve trash collection in public spaces, increase signage, and evaluate the placement of trash receptacles to enhance pride in public areas. 

The Police Department will be to enforcing the current litter laws and ordinances and, with the assistance of the City Attorney, consider ways to strengthen such laws should the need arise.  The fine for littering is set by the Municipal Judge.

The Public Relations Department will continue to promote this campaign and its various facets on a routine basis across its social media platforms and the City website. This includes producing a ‘Pitch In Pascagoula’ video. The 30-second spot will be sent to area schools, the hospital and doctors’ offices, businesses and industry, and other community partners with a note from the Mayor strongly encouraging them to share the PSA on a routine basis to help raise awareness and be an active partner in this campaign.

Stick figured man throwing garbage in a can  with the word Pitch In Pascagoula around him

Posters and flyers will be developed quoting and picturing notable persons in the community (elected officials, principals, teachers, coaches, pastors, business leaders, etc.) encouraging Pascagoula citizens to ‘pitch in’ and take pride in the City.  The City will collaborate with community leaders to place these posters in schools, businesses and other high traffic areas promoting the anti-litter message.  These same featured community members will be invited to join the city on a tour of the local schools and civic organizations to speak about the campaign and the negative effects of littering in the community in effort to increase citizen engagement.

As part of this new campaign, the Mayor and City Council will participate in monthly litter check-ups.  These ‘check-ups’ will be scheduled once a month, and the public will be invited to join City leaders as they ‘pitch in.’  

For questions or offers to assist in ‘Pitch In Pascagoula’ to Assistant City Manager Frank Corder at 228.938.6723 or fcorder@cityofpascagoula.com.

Mayor and Council in lime green shirts picking up trash
Baseball Coach Tillman in white shirt smiling
Pascagoula High School Football Coach Lewis smiling