Pascagoula is proud to maintain a strong, healthy relationship between our police department and the community. Pascagoula Police are not only patrolling our neighborhoods, officers are making connections with residents. 

Pascagoula is home to one of just nine law enforcement agencies that are accredited in Mississippi. The Pascagoula Police Department is also a nationally accredited agency and has been for five years. Why does that matter? An accreditation means our police department is held to a higher standard that ensures Pascagoula Police are following policies and procedures.

The Pascagoula Police Department has a number of specialty divisions. These divisions give our officers additional resources to ensure the safety of our citizens.

  • Field Services Division -- these officers play a key role in our community as they are the ones who patrol our neighborhoods & businesses
  • Traffic Division -- responsible for traffic enforcement, accident investigation, DUI enforcement, and provide traffic control for all city events
  • Marine Patrol Division -- responsible for manning Pascagoula's waterways, which make up about 17% of the jurisdiction
  • K9 Division -- made up of three K9 handlers and their K9s
  • SWAT Team -- highly trained paramilitary unit in which these elite professionals used their advanced training in teamwork, strategy, and weapons to resolve dangerous incidents 
  • Drone Team -- used for missing persons, search & rescue, natural disasters, crime scenes
  • Narcotics Task Force -- inter-agency collaboration with DEA & FBI to combat the use and sale of drugs in our community and surrounding areas