Employment Opportunities

Applications for new police officers are only accepted when there is a position open. In this case, the open position will be listed at the City of Pascagoula Employment page.

If you would like to speak with a member of our team please contact Officer Ashley Roberts at (228) 372-6857 

You can also reach her via email at aroberts@cityofpascagoula.com

Lateral Transfers

We have streamlined our process for lateral police officer applicants. If you know of someone that meets the below criteria they can be considered for the expedited lateral entry program and their entrance exam can be waived.

  • Must be employed in a full-time position as a sworn police officer or have been within the last two years.
  • Must have completed a state-certified basic police academy.
  • Must have a current law enforcement officer state certification.
  • Candidate cannot be on probation, on any mandated leave resulting from any department disciplinary action, or have any pending disciplinary action.

You may submit an application as a lateral transfer at any time. Please submit your application here.