The Mississippi Export Railroad (MSE) is a 42-mile short line railroad extending from Evanston, Mississippi to the north and Pascagoula, Mississippi to the south.
  • MSE is the north-south corridor.
  • Connects the Canadian National Railroad and the east-west line of CSX Transportation
  • These connections and their alliances link the Gulf to all points on the continent, coast to coast, and into the heartland of the United States through to Canada and Mexico.
  • Mississippi Export’s track accommodates unit trains with loads up to 286,000 lbs/car.
  • The MSE has 29,000 feet of track space for lease and car management.
  • Five MSE locomotives along with 92 Plate C
  • 50 foot SM cushioned boxcars and 170 Plate C
  • 50 foot equipped with 70-ton and 100-ton trucks