Municipal Budget

This "Municipal Budget" portal has been created to provide citizens with relevant documents and information regarding the City of Pascagoula's finances. This includes financial documents and recommendations about our past and current financial situation.

We encourage everyone to visit this site often and attend City Council meetings (first and third Tuesday each month) or watch them on our YouTube Channel. All recordings of council meetings are uploaded to our Channel shortly after it concludes and are available in the Agenda Center. 

If you have any questions, comments or feedback please email them to


As an added convenience to citizens, we have provided a link to the Anytime Estimate tax calculator. 1) Enter the ASSESSED value of your home or property on the top line titled "assessment". Click here to find your assessed value (type in your address and select your property, then find the number labeled "TOTALVAL"). 2) On the line titled "municipal millage" please enter these numbers: 0.0565 3) Click on "calculate"  to see the projected taxes based on the proposed new millage rate. 

Please note: This calculation does not include any county or school district millage rates. This link is offered as a public service for the purpose of providing a non-binding estimate. This is NOT an endorsement or guarantee of any service or product.  


FY 2021 Relevant Documents