Municipal Executive Committees

Municipal Party Executive Committees are responsible for conducting all Primary Elections. Municipal Election Commissions have no authority to conduct Primary Elections for the parties. (Miss. Code Ann. §23-15-263 (1972)) 

Each Executive Committee shall have as many members as there are elected officers of the municipality. Members of the Executive Committee are elected in the Primary Election – their names are on the party primary ballot. Candidates for Executive Committee must complete a candidate qualifying form and submit it to the Municipal Clerk by the qualifying deadline for candidates for municipal elected offices. Vacancies on the Executive Committee are filled by the remaining Committee members. (Miss. Code Ann. §23-15-171 (1972))

Democratic Municipal Executive Committee

  • Curley Clark (Chair)
  • Linda Craig
  • Brenda Elder
  • Pam Halbrook
  • Calvin Mitchell
  • Robert Smith
  • Kay Sims
  • Marilyn Vlahos
Republican Municipal Executive Committee

  • Alice Baker
  • Lester Corder
  • Sherri Hodges-Thornton
  • Paula Ledbetter
  • Donna Lee
  • Larry O. Lee, Sr.
  • Tami Saucier (Chair)